General - Frequently Asked Questions
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What is CyberBunker?

When did CyberBunker start?

Where is CyberBunker located?

Can I trust CyberBunker?

I read a lot of bad things about CyberBunker. Doesn't that bother you?

Why does all CyberBunker staff drive a BMW X6? Are you guys sponsored by BMW?

Do you have any job offers?

Is it true that there are rabbits around the bunker?

I want to become a reseller of your products. Is that possible?

When there is a SWAT team in front of the bunker, how do you guys get in?

I have read that your server room is a decoy. What does that mean?

What happens with my data if I decide not to host with you anymore?

Are there more CyberBunkers?