You can find many stories about CyberBunker online, although most of them are exaggerated and inaccurate.
CyberBunker wishes to share the following; an unbelievable and unpublished story which actually did happen.
Before the break of dawn on a morning in April, a full SWAT team was sent to execute a search warrant on CyberBunker's property. Most of the staff inside were still asleep, while others were watching a movie. Surveillance cameras covering the fenced-in area of the property recorded the entire event. It is apparent in the video that armed SWAT police, wearing black bulletproof vests and white helmets, forced entry to the property by cutting through the outer fence of the property. Once they gained entry, they began to quietly approach the bunker. Also on scene was a reporter to cover the event.

Once the SWAT team reached the bunker's blast doors, they 'knock' to announce their presence. It is unclear exactly what they say, as no sound is recorded from the surveillance system. CyberBunker is equipped with an advanced Intruder Detection System (IDS), however due to a testing drill the previous night the IDS system was accidentally left in the inactive mode. Two SWAT officers are seen to hit the blast door of the bunker with a battering ram. It must not have occurred to the officers that the blast doors were designed to withstand a 20 megaton nuclear explosion from close range. When the SWAT team realized that the door was not being opened for them, they throw flashbangs and take other actions to draw attention. The surveillance footage shows quite a lot of activity at this point. On the other side of the blast doors, no one inside the bunker noticed anything unusual. The SWAT team did some further investigating, and appears to be making phone calls. Finally the SWAT team realized what occurred when City Hall attempted to breach the blast doors. Apparently recognizing that they had gone overboard on their raid, the SWAT team decided to go home.

Later that afternoon, CyberBunker's security was wide-awake to discover that the motion detection system had been tripped. They were in fact astounded to learn what had taken place by replaying the footage. In an attempt to learn exactly what happened, CyberBunker's general manager Jordan Robson, decided to call the police. Unfortunately, the police department claimed that they were not aware of the raid. They insisted that no SWAT team had been sent to the property.

CyberBunker's lawyers later discovered that the police had indeed sent officers to the bunker for what they claimed was a “routine check” and that nothing out of the ordinary had taken place. When CyberBunker's lawyers suggested that the surveillance footage could be put online, the police department then quickly offered to pay to repair the damage caused to the fence.

After paying € 8088.- euros to CyberBunker, nothing further was heard from the SWAT team. The search was most likely another futile attempt to find something illegal. None of CyberBunker's security or staff have a clue as to what the raid might have been about.